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Course Content:


  1. Comprehensive Program:

The course is described as a holistic program designed for individualized preparation for both IELTS exams.


  1. Authentic Exam Content:

The course includes articles sourced from genuine exams, offering participants exposure to real test scenarios, and providing insights into question types.


  1. Writing Academic Discussion and Independent Essay Writing Focus:

Specific attention is given to the analysis of tables and charts for Writing Task 1, and strategies for mastering essay dynamics, along with tips and solutions for employing formal language in Writing Task 2.


  1. Listening Skills Development:

The program includes a section on both independent and integrated listening skills, featuring conversations from authentic exams. Participants will learn to navigate different sections, identify question types, and employ effective note-taking techniques.


  1. Speaking Module:

The speaking module emphasizes techniques to achieve the highest grades in each segment. Pronunciation lessons are also integrated into this module.


  1. Daily Homework Material:

Participants will receive daily homework materials, ensuring continuous engagement and reinforcing the concepts learned throughout the course.


  1. Personalized Preparation:

The overall approach of the course is described as personalized, aiming to cater to the individual needs and readiness of participants for these language proficiency exams.



Course Material:


  • The Official Guide to IELTS – Cambridge University Press
  • Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking for IELTS – Collins Press
  • 10 Genuine IELTS Sample Exams
  • Daily Reading and Vocabulary Material
  • Listening Sources


Preparation Guidelines for IELTS Examinations:


Familiarize Yourself with Test Structure:

Acquaint yourself with the diverse sections of the IELTS examination, encompassing Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Gain an understanding of the specific question types in each section and adhere to stipulated timeframes for respective tasks.


Conduct a Proficiency Assessment:

Initiate your preparation by undertaking a diagnostic practice test to ascertain your current level of English proficiency. Identify areas of strength and weakness across the various skills evaluated by the examination.


Establish Clear Objectives:

Define target band scores for each component of the IELTS examination. Formulate a pragmatic timeline to guide your preparatory efforts.


Cultivate Reading Proficiency:

Develop adeptness in skimming and scanning techniques for the Reading section. Enhance your ability to discern main ideas and extract pertinent details from passages.


Refine Listening Competence:

Engage in exercises that expose you to diverse English accents. Elevate your capacity to comprehend main ideas, supporting details, and nuanced opinions.


Hone Writing Skills:

Dedicate substantial practice to composing essays for Task 2 in the Writing section. Foster the capacity to articulate thoughts in a coherent manner and convey ideas with precision.


Master Speaking Techniques:

Regularly engage in spoken English with native speakers or language exchange partners. Record responses to sample IELTS Speaking questions to refine fluency and pronunciation.


Expand Lexical Repertoire:

Augment your vocabulary across both general and academic contexts. Prioritize words commonly employed in IELTS tasks, essays, and spoken responses.


Effective Time Management:

Practice completing tasks within designated time constraints. Formulate strategies to judiciously allocate time during the examination.


Consider Professional Assistance:

Contemplate enrolment in an IELTS preparation course or securing the services of a qualified tutor. Participate in simulated examinations to replicate test conditions and receive constructive feedback.


Stay Informed:

Remain abreast of any modifications to the IELTS examination format or scoring criteria. Utilize official IELTS preparatory materials and sanctioned resources for comprehensive study.


Course Information


  • The instructional modality will be exclusively online, facilitated by an instructor who has achieved a commendable score of 9 points in the IELTS academic examination.


  • During the first session, instructional content will be disseminated pertaining to the dynamics of the examination, guided by the outcomes of the preliminary diagnostic test. Subsequent to the initial session, standard lessons are scheduled to commence.


  • The scheduling of lessons will be a collaborative decision made between the instructor and the student. Each instructional session is anticipated to have a duration of no less than 2 hours and no more than 4 hours per week, with the entire training duration spanning a period of 2 months.


  • In the preliminary assessment conducted prior to course commencement, it is requisite for students to demonstrate a proficiency level of at least B1 in the domains of reading, writing, and listening.


  • Should the proficiency fall below this benchmark, supplementary grammar sessions will be incorporated to address the identified deficiencies.


  • The cumulative duration of the course (for all domains) comprises a minimum of 30 and maximum of 40 instructional hours, extending until three days prior to the examination date.


  • A precondition for course participation stipulates the diligent completion of all assigned homework within specified timelines, the systematic memorization of weekly and daily vocabulary, and the punctual completion of sample examinations. Deviations from the prescribed schedule may result in the instructor’s prerogative to terminate lessons, accompanied by the reimbursement of any supplementary fees remitted.


  • Every instructional session will be systematically recorded, affording students the flexibility to access lesson content offline at their convenience throughout the duration of the course.
Fiyat Ayrıntıları:

30 Online Live Lectures for All Domains (Including Original Material) : 12.000 TL

30 Online Live Lectures for All Domains (Including Only Printable Material) : 9.500 TL


10 Online Live Lectures for Writing (Task 1+2)     : 4.000

  • Table & Chart Analysis
  • Academic Essay Structure
  • Supported with Grammar and Vocabulary Lectures
  • From Paragraph to Essay Writing Guide


10 Online Live Lectures for Reading         : 2.500

  • Article Analysis
  • Question Types
  • Daily Reading Material


10 Supplementary Grammar Lectures     : 3.000

  • Sentence Structure
  • Focusing on Grammar Range and Accuracy
  • Formal Writing Techniques
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